2017 March 27

Vacuum Breaker_EN

Vacuum Breaker

Vacuum Breaker_3D SECTION_VIEW


  • Model : DVB-100
  • Available size : 4”
  • Flange : JIS(KS) 10K
  • Weight : 17 kg


  • The DVB-100 is a normally close, float–operated valve.
  • Mount on the recovery system to protect the recovery tank by controlling the pressure.
  • Automatic air filling without manual operation.
  • Simply, control the working pressure by adjusting inner nuts
  • If the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the tank is larger than the spring force, the disc is moved downward and the outside air is supplied.
  • Very little vibration and noise.

  • The Vacuum Breaker is mounted on the Recovery System to protect the tank by controlling the vacuum pressure that is overloaded.

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